Equine Massage Therapy

As a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, I work with the horse's musculoskeletal system to provide relaxation, maintenance, and rehabilitation massage. All horses and ponies can benefit from the regular application of massage. During a therapy session I do a static and dynamic assessment of the horse, gather information from the owner about any current or historical issues, and conduct a physical palpation of the horse's superficial muscles. Based on the information gathered I then apply the appropriate techniques to assist the horse, providing relief, relaxation, improved blood flow and aiding recovery. Horses are extremely expressive animals if you know what to look for, and most owners are amazed at the reactions from their horses during the session. 

Initial appointments can be up to 2 hours to allow for assessments and getting to know the horse and owner.

Subsequent appointments are usually up to 90 minutes.