My name is Cheryl Hammerson and I have been riding for over 35 years, 30 of which as a professional. I originally competed in show jumping, and then trained at a 3 day event yard, before gaining my BHSAI (BHS APC) qualifications at the age of 17.
My professional career has been dedicated to helping owners, riders and their horses in all areas of equestrianism, with a bias towards dressage. This includes competing on behalf of my clients, riding their horses at local, regional and national competitions from Preliminary up to PSG level. 
Through years of experience, I believe that correct training is fundamental to every horse and rider relationship, whether the goal is to compete or not, and regardless of the intended discipline. 
Every horse and rider is unique, which is why I tailor my training to the individual. If the rider's balance, knowledge and feel is good, they can positively influence the horse. Likewise, if the horse's balance, posture, suppleness and confidence is good, they can carry the rider in a healthy and safe way. These factors can contribute to a long working life for your horse. 

"Force begins where knowledge ends"
My holistic approach is very much horse focused, preferring to work with the horse's mind and body to avoid the use of force. 
The range of services I offer riders and owners, will help with the training and the physical wellbeing of the horse. These services include coaching, riding and equine massage therapy. Please scroll down to see the list of services and my qualifications.

If you require an independent tack fit assessment, I am able to give you my professional opinion without the bias. I do not sell tack!
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or to make a booking. My details can be found on the contact page.